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DECwindows Remote Access?

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The Question is:

I have OpenVMS systems running BravoDraft.  We X-windows to Bravodraft with
 Exceed 5 on NT4 Workstations.  This method was established before my time and
 now we want to add a "client" to access the VMS and X-window into Bravodraft.
 The new client has WXP
-Pro and Exceed 8.0.  When I access the VMS and enter my username, it lets me
 in.  When I try to execute the command for Bravodraft, I get "Error while
 initializing grapics device" or "Can't Open Display".  This also happens on an
 additional NT4 station t
hat I experimented with (so it's not XP related).  What am I missing on the VMS?
Thanks for your time.  Caron.

The Answer is :

  The DECW$EXAMPLES:ICO.EXE tool provides various error messages, and
  can be a simple and sometimes-useful diagnostic for troubleshooting
  X Windows display errors in place of applications that provide few,
  confusing, incomplete and/or no X Windows error messages.
  Has the SET DISPLAY command been invoked?  This DCL command is how
  DECwindows knows where to display the X Windows output.
  The X Windows server (the Windows system running eXceed, in this
  case) must also typically be configured to allow the incoming display.
  (Somewhat confusingly, the applications are the X Windows clients.
  The X Windows server operates the X Windows display.)

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAY-2003 )

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