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PCI SCSI and DSSI Hardware Support, Errors?

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The Question is:

Digital PWS500, highest possible SRM, ARC and PAL versions.
Added 2nd (NEC851?) SCSI, CD put on this one.
After reset of bus (INIT), controller is GONE, even within VMS. Need power
 cycle to be able to use it again. REBOOT normally is fine.
Added KFPSA for DSSI-cluster, node_id = 00, HSZ10 in BA356 connected,
 host_id=04. SRM doesn't show up this device at all, so system can not be
 booted from disk in BA356.Hoewver, after VMS has started, the HSZ10 and all
 disks are accessable.
However, REBOOT causes STACONFIG.EXE to crash (ASTDEL), power cycle is required
 to reset system. Also, startup seems to halt, second or third try (after power
 cycle) will run. Reset bus on BOOT will allow reboot, but second SCSI is lost
 (as above).
According documentation found, it should be able to SET HOST -DUP to HDS10 (or
 KFPSA?) but since it doesn't show up, there is no address to SET HOSt to.
 Also, it seems "-DUP" is "Not implemented".
CAN I use KFPSA in a workstation and if so, what to do to get it running so I
 can boot from it?

The Answer is :

  The DIGITAL Personal Workstation 500-a series is not supported by OpenVMS
  Alpha.  Only specific models of the -au series are supported by OpenVMS.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that this system is a supported member of
  the -au series, and not an unsupported member of the -a series.
  Please contact your hardware support organization for assistance with
  this configuration, as it appears that there is a problem with the
  particular SCSI controller -- the SCSI controller involved has either
  failed, or is unsupported, or has been incorrectly installed or wired.
  The OpenVMS Wizard cannot recommend the (new) installation of any DSSI
  hardware into any existing or new OpenVMS configuration for any purpose,
  save under very unusual circumstances and very specific hardware
  requirements.  SCSI configurations are simply far more economical to
  install, and far simpler to support.
  For information on supported devices, please see the QuickSpecs or
  the hardware compatibility tables at the AlphaServer website.   In
  most (all?) cases that the OpenVMS Wizard can recall, PCI DSSI was
  not supported on and not tested on the workstation systems, only on
  the server systems.)
  Without specific details of the SCSI controller involved, the OpenVMS
  Wizard cannot determine if the SCSI controller is supported.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAY-2003 )

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