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Details of Hobbyist Licensing? (Emulator)

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The Question is:

is it possible to get a hobbyist license for any version of vms to use on an
 emulated system?

The Answer is :

  Likely yes, assuming the OpenVMS version supports the hardware
  that is being emulated, of course.
  Please visit the OpenVMS Hobbyist website for licensing details,
  restrictions, and availability.  http://www.openvmshobbyist.org/
  Though potentially initially confusing, a properly-functioning
  emulator is software-indistinguishable from the emulated hardware;
  if the emulated hardware is both correctly implemented by the
  emulator and the emulator is emulating a hardware configuration
  that is supported by OpenVMS, then OpenVMS will not recognize the
  existence of the emulation.  A correctly-functioning emulator can
  and should be considered to be hardware.  This includes OpenVMS
  licensing -- so long as your software license agreements allow
  it, of course.
  For necessary details on the initial installation on the emulated
  platform, please see the emulator documentation.  Much like the
  initial system load on a supported platform, the initial load
  of the emulator itself and then the initial load of OpenVMS into
  the emulated environment is far more interesting and far more
  centrally a concern than discussions of the OpenVMS Hobbyist
  licensing.  Accordingly, you will want to concern yourself less
  with the OpenVMS Hobbyist licensing, and more with the initial

answer written or last revised on ( 22-MAY-2003 )

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