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Avoiding or Recovering from Mount Verification?

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The Question is:

When performing zoning changes on a Brocade 12000 Core Fibre Switch. Disks on
 the VMS servers go into mount verification. Is there something we can do with
 the HBA to stop this ?

The Answer is :

    Short answer: No.
    Longer answer:  Mount verification occurs when an error that is deemed
    retryable and potentially fixable is returned on an I/O.  When fibre
    channel switches are reconfigured, a temporary loss of connectivity
    between host and device happens.  Any I/O attempted during that outage
    will cause mount verification to begin.  That is the expected OpenVMS
    response to retryable I/O errors.
    As long as the SYSGEN parameter MVTIMEOUT (defaults to 3600 seconds)
    is not set to some very low value (less than a minute), the devices
    should exit mount verification when connectivity is restored.  If
    MVTIMEOUT is set to expire before connectivity is restored, mount
    verification will time out, requiring a remount to make the device

answer written or last revised on ( 21-MAY-2003 )

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