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Translating Numeric Error Codes? (Condition Valu

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The Question is:

There was an RMS error that happened today on a Vax 4705 using Openvms 7.1
 using the Maverick application. Maverick was loading a wafer when the system
 returned an RMS error.
It reported the following.
RMS Error 0x186a4
Error Writing/Updating Wafer Map.
I was looking through the openvms manuals that I have and none have an
 definition of RMS errors. Do know what, "RMS Error 0x186a4" stands for? Or
 where I can find out what it does mean.

The Answer is :

  Your OpenVMS Alpha version is no longer supported, and the
  OpenVMS Wizard would encourage an upgrade to a more recent
  vesion.  The OpenVMS Wizard would also encourage the installation
  of all available mandatory ECO kits for the particular OpenVMS
  release in use.
  As for translating OpenVMS error codes into text -- and the
  resolution of this error code will likely require the assistance
  of the organization that is supporting the application -- the
  usual approach involves the use of the F$MESSAGE lexical (shown
  below) or the DCL commands EXIT or (better) HELP/MESSAGE/STATUS.
  Tools are also available that use SET MESSAGE to load in the contents
  of system and application-specific message files, should the particular
  error not be part of the core message files searched (by default) by
  the OpenVMS commands referenced here.
  For example:
    %RMS-F-RSZ, invalid record size
    RSZ,  invalid record size
      Facility:     RMS, OpenVMS Record Management Services
    Explanation:  The record size (RSZ) field of the RAB contains a value
    that is invalid for one of the following reasons:
    	o The record size value is greater than the maximum record size
    	specified for the file.
    	o The record size value is not the correct size for fixed- length
    	o The record size value too small to contain the primary key for an
    	indexed file.
    	o The record size value is different from the original record size of
    	an $UPDATE operation on a sequential file.
    The maximum record size value must be in the range of 1 through 32,767
    for the $PUT and $UPDATE services, and in the range of 1 through 65,535
    for the $WRITE service.
    User Action:  Verify that the call to the RMS file system service is
    coded correctly.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAY-2003 )

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