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Seeking DEC 2000 Hardware Services?

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard,
I own a DEC 150 AXP Alpha EV4 machine and I need information about the
 following DIAGNOSTIC codes
shown by the SRM after a power-on self-test procedure:
      SCSI  ??  06  0050
From google's newsgroup I could find similar problem but with different
 machines and different codes and meanings.
Would you please send a CHART with DIAGNOSTIC CODES meanings, with numbers and
 explanations ?
I was misinterpreting the numbers 06 and 0050.
They are not SCSI error messages, I guess.
As far as I could see from others, they are most likely related to SELF TEST
 diagnostic codes which are specific for this particular machine.
So, I suppose that 06 means TEST 06 failed and
0050 means TEST 50 failed, am I right ?
I e-mailed you sometime ago but your answer was plainly about general hardware
I need a CHART with DIAGNOSTIC CODE and code explanations for this particular
 machine DEC Alpha XP 150 or DEC 2000 XP.
Luiz Emediato

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware services organization for diagnostics
  and hardware-level information -- the OpenVMS Wizard is familiar
  with OpenVMS, and does not particularly have nor particularly track
  hardware-services information.
  If you wish to perform your own hardware services -- if you perform
  self-maintenance of your local DIGITAL or Compaq Alpha hardware --
  please see the Assisted Services program referenced in the OpenVMS
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  As has been stated elsewhere here within the Ask The Wizard area,
  the SCSI controller within the DEC 2000 series -- the DECpc AXP 150
  series was the Microsoft Windows NT variant of the DEC 2000 -- is
  exceedingly sensitive to the bus length, the signal integrity and
  the devices present on the SCSI.  Any internal SCSI bus must be
  routed entirely within the box, for instance, and cannot be extended
  outside the enclosure.
  (3521), (4519) and other topics.
  The DEC 2000 SCSI is typically terminated at both ends of the bus,
  and you will want to follow normal practices for identifying and
  correcting SCSI configuration errors, such as using commands to
  determine if all devices are present and visible and operating at
  unique bus ids.
  ?? 06 SCSI 0050 would indicate an error related to a SCSI floppy at
  SCSI id 6 and -- though this error code is close to what was provided
  -- it does not exactly match the provided error code and thus may not
  be valid in this context.
  Again, the OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with and cannot provide
  hardware-level services.  Please consider self-maintenance services
  or enlisting the assistance of a hardware services organization.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAY-2003 )

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