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Print Jobs Print Sorted By Size?

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I am having some difficulties with my TCP/IP Print ques.  They have been setup
$INITIP :==init/que/proc=tcpip$telnetsym/DEFAULT=(NOFEED)
I am printing to various printers via hp jetdirects connected to either Oki or
 Fujitsu or IBM line printers.  Another Que is via an HP 4000 tn with the
 proper firmware etc from document 1020.  All of my ques are having the same
The problem that I'm having is that When I submit print jobs to the printer,
 they print out in order of size smallest to largest, instead of order of
 submition.  the only way I've been able to work around this has been to set
 priorities on each individual
 print job (which most of my users cannot do because they normally print from
 within an application).  I've search through all of the documentation I could
 find with no luck.  I'm hoping you can help.  Thanks in advance.

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answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAY-2003 )

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