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Swapping System Disks?

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The Question is:

I have an Alphastation 250 4/266 that has died, and would like to transfer the
 system disk from this machine into another, newer Alpha that we have on hand.
 I have determined that I can physically mount the old drive in the newer
 machine, and that the sy
stem will boot.  The machine I am trying to replace is the boot node of a VMS
Unfortunately, afer it did, it determined (apparently due to the change in
 network device hardware addresses?) that there had been a cluster security
 violation (I'm guessing, this went by very fast), and now on subsequent boots
 it just stops at the "waiti
ng to form or join a VMS cluster" message.
How can I get the machine up and the appropriate parameters reset so this new
 Alpha with the system disk from the old cluster boot node can take over as the
 new cluster boot node?

The Answer is :

  You are considering a course that involves some effort, and
  is not the easiest path for an inexperienced system manager,
  You will have to find and reset any local application or system
  startup references to devices and to device names from the old
  host -- this includes MOUNT commands, network configurations,
  and other mechanisms.
  First, shut down the entire cluster.  All nodes.
  Reset the cluster group and cluster password, per the
  cluster documentation.  The tool is the SYSMAN utility.
  If you have other system disks, you will have to reset
  the group id and password on those system disks as well.
  (A more advanced though unsupported approach involves
  copying CLUSTER_AUTHORIZE.DAT to all system disks.)
  It would likely be best to simply use CLUSTER_CONFIG or
  CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN to configure this node as the cluster
  boot node, and not try to continue through the current
  path.  (Your current node appears to believe it is a
  satellite, or that there are insufficent votes present.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard would strongly encourage an upgrade
  to a more recent version of OpenVMS Alpha, and would also
  encourage replacing this disk with newer storage hardware.
  Reinstallation brings your system into a known state,
  where you can load user directories from the old disk.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JUN-2003 )

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