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BASIC and Debugger INTERR Internal Error?

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The Question is:

Hello Mr. Wizard,
I am running VMS 7.3 and BASIC 1.5-00
I am trying to examine a passed variable in an array, from the called submodule
 within the debugger. I can see the array fine before the call to the module.
 When I STEP/INTO the module and try to examine the array, I am getting the
 following error.
 session corruption.
I have been unable to locate any mention of this error in any of the VMS
 manuals, and searches of the support site, as well as the entire internet,
 have found nothing.
Could you please tell me what this error is?
And if there is anything I can do to correct it?
Thank You In Advance
David Boland
Systems Programmer

The Answer is :

  It would appear that there is either a bug in the debugger, or
  a corruption within the application run-time environment -- the
  OpenVMS Wizard is aware of a few similar errors reported with
  Fortran applications involving a known problem, but reports
  against BASIC applications are rare.
  As is usual for this, please ensure you have the mandatory ECO
  kits installed, and select VIOC operations via VCC_FLAGS system
  parameter or install the XFC kit, and install any kits relevent
  to debugger and linker operations.
  Please then contact the support center directly, as access to a
  reproducer will likely be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUN-2003 )

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