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IP Address Back Translations?

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The Question is:

I have an environment with a number of Open VMS systems and a common DNS (based
 on MS Windows). I'm using DECnet over TCP/IP. Some of the systems has problems
 when establishing links. Set Host takes quite a time and the Remote Port Info
 contains the calle
rs IP-address instead of the node name. If I include the source node in the
 targets local TCP/IP host table it works fine. There is no difference between
 the local definition and the DNS. But most of the nodes works fine without any
 local definitions. I h
ave compared working and not working nodes in all aspects but not found any
 significant differences. Any suggestions?  Best regards, Kjell Carlsson.

The Answer is :

  You will have to probe your network for activity, using ping or other
  similar tools and examine network activity logs (as available).
  Check the IP addresses for the DNS server(s) and DNS client
  configuration on each host, obviously.  You might also configure
  the TCP/IP Services DNS server as a test, to try to determine the
  details and the extent of the name resolution problem.
  Please see the discussions of back translations here in Ask The Wizard.
  (2530), (3793), and (4493) among them.  This appears to be a related
  problem, where the host is unable to translate the incoming IP host
  address -- or the DNS (BIND) server is not responding to the request,
  or the request or the response is timing out or otherwise unavailable.
  Also please see (7443), for a discussion of slow translations from
  Windows DNS servers -- there is no resolution in that topic, however.
  Please remember to check the software revision of your Microsoft
  Windows platform and DNS server, and please ensure you have current
  versions of IP and DECnet installed, and current ECOs for IP, DECnet,
  and OpenVMS.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JUN-2003 )

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