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Print Queues and Shared Devices?

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The Question is:

"How can I create a print queue which I can (re)start EVEN IF 'device already
 allocated to another
Refernce my question of 3-Jun-2003.
I have done further research and surmise the answer is:
   Modify the symbiont;  see section 17 of OpenVMS Utility Routines Manual

The Answer is :

  Output devices are usually semi-shared either by spooling the device,
  or -- more commonly -- by creating a print queue targeting the device,
  and more fully sharing the device.
  If the device is already allocated to another user, you will generally
  not want to override the interlocks and access the target device.
  (SHARE privilege would be used here, and this privilege is one of the
  most common ways that users users render devices owned by non-existent
  processes, and how users can render chaotic device output.)
  If the device is already allocated, you will want to find and clear the
  allocation -- you do not know the state of the device, and two processes
  active and writing on one device can clearly lead to I/O chaos.
  You can use the distributed lock manager to control access to the device,
  assuming the operations are occuring within a cluster.  Across multiple
  clusters or across mixed hosts, the solution most commonly involves
  periodically polling the shared (network) device for readiness.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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