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The Question is:

The Company I work for needs to move from a TLZ06 tape drive to a TLZ10.
I see from the information I can obtain that if you are running OPEN VMS 5.5-2
 you will need to be running STABACKIT.com Vx46
Im not really up on VMS but I have searched the ftp site and cant seem to find
 a eco or patch to do this.
Please help me find what we need to make this work.
 Best regards

The Answer is :

  Please use a CD media distribution from a more recent OpenVMS VAX
  release for purposes of standalone BACKUP, and the OpenVMS Wizard
  strongly recommends acquiring a SCSI CD-ROM drive, if you do not
  already have one.  (Given you reference TLZ-series tape drives,
  the OpenVMS Wizard will infer you have a SCSI configuration.)
  To acquire the updated version of STABACKIT.COM, you will need to
  acquire the file from a (far) more recent OpenVMS VAX release.  The
  version of STABACKIT that added support for TLZ09 series tapes and
  other SCSI devices listed as GENERIC_MK (generic SCSI MKDRIVER
  tape devices; specifically tape device type code 28) devices was
  X-45, and that revision dates from 3-OCT-1995; this version is
  found with OpenVMS VAX V7.1 and later releases.  You will see this
  revision information listed within the comments of the STABACKIT
  file, of course.
  No ECO kit containing this STABACKIT update was produced, but
  a version of STABACKIT from V7.1 or later should operate within
  your (much older) OpenVMS environment and should recognize all
  tape devices being reported as generic MK devices.
  As for related STABACKIT discussions, please see topics (1229)
  and (7433).
  Your OpenVMS VAX release was shipped out in 1992, and has various
  definite limits around device support and disk device capacities
  based largely on the antiquated nature of the release.  Much has
  happened with OpenVMS and with the computer industry since 1992,
  after all.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-JUN-2003 )

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