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LAT printing, disconnection?

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The Question is:

We have a VAX production machine which we wish to migrate to an Alpha DS10.
 From the VAX we can print to two printers on  physically identical but
 different terminal servers. From the Alpha we can print to one but not to the
 other. All queues / lat settin
gs etc. are identical. The syptoms are for the non working terminal server that
 for each attempt to print via a copy command the command itself says the
 records have been copied but nothing appears on the printer and the queue goes
 into a paused state. If
 I then go into LATCP and do a show port/counters LTA15 the solicitations
 rejected count goes up by one and the last disconnect reason code shows
 24544891. Any ideas please ?

The Answer is :

  The error indicates a LAT session disconnection:
$ set message sys$message:latmsg
$ x = f$message(24544891)
$ show symbol x
  X = "%LAT-I-DISCONNECTED, session disconnected from !AS"
  Confirm that the remote terminal server port is set for queued
  access, and that all OpenVMS systems are using the OpenVMS V6.1
  or later PRTSMB, or LATSYM.  Please also confirm that current
  symbiont and queue management ECO kits and current LTDRIVER
  ECO kits are installed.  Also ensure that the firmare running
  in the LAT terminal server is current.
  Check that the LAT$DEVICE selection is correct, if the host has
  more than one NIC present.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-JUN-2003 )

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