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IP Configuration Database Corruption?

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The Question is:

MicroVAX 3100, hardware model type 156
UCX V4.0
Error starting UCX:
%UCX-E-INETERROR, Error accessing Internet
-UCX-E-INVQUAL, Invalid qualifier value for /LOCAL_HOST
-RMS-E-RNF, record not found
Error Internet IVP:
Begin IVP...
%%% UCX IVP: started %%%
%%% UCX IVP: error - Local Host Not Found  %%%
%SYSTEM-F-NOLOGNAM, no logical name match
IVP request completed.
UCX>Show Hosts
     LOCAL database
Host address    Host name       LOCALHOST, localhost       SMSD3, smsd3
.... and some more system.
smsd3 is the local system
Service             Port  Proto    Process          Address            State
FTP                   21  TCP      UCX$FTPD             Enabled
LPD                  515  TCP      UCX$LPD             Disabled
MOUNT                 10  UDP      UCX$NFS             Enabled
NFS                 2049  UDP      UCX$NFS             Enabled
PCNFS               5151  TCP,UDP  UCX$PCNFSD             Enabled
PORTMAPPER           111  TCP,UDP  UCX$PORTM             Enabled
REXEC                512  TCP      UCX$REXECD             Disabled
RLOGIN               513  TCP      not defined             Enabled
RSH                  514  TCP      UCX$RSHD             Disabled
SMTP                  25  TCP      UCX$SMTP             Enabled
SNMP                 161  UDP      UCX$SNMP             Disabled
TELNET                23  TCP      not defined             Enabled
Interface   IP_Addr         Network mask          Receive          Send     MTU
 SE0           10058            49    1500
 LO0                   1             3   65535
It is not possible to reach this system with telnet or ping. I think this is a
 configuration problem? Many thanks for your help

The Answer is :

  Re-configure and re-enable IP routing with UCX$CONFIG, as it appears
  that there is some sort of problem with the local configuration.  A
  missing or a corrupt file, or missing configuration data apparently
  lurks here.
  If you choose the following route, make CERTAIN you keep and archive
  copies of the files BEFORE you delete or rename them.   For a complete
  reconfiguration of TCP/IP Services, shut down IP, delete or rename all
  of the local system IP configuration data files (SYS$SYSTEM:UCX*.DAT),
  perform the UCX$CONFIG configuration, and start IP.
  Your OpenVMS VAX and TCP/IP Services versions are ancient and an
  upgrade is strongly recommended.  If you must operate on versions
  from 1992 or so, you will want to install the available (mandatory)
  ECO kits for both OpenVMS VAX and TCP/IP Services.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUN-2003 )

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