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64-bit addressing, system service itemlists?

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The Question is:

Using 'C' - I am trying to call sys$getdviw() to return the name of a device.
 This works fine when compiling /POINTER=32 but when I compile with /POINTER=64
 I receive an ACCVIO:
I suspect that my home-brewed itmlst is to blame.  Where can I find a 'robust'
 definition for itmlst?

The Answer is :

  The itemlist you are using is apparently a 32-bit structure; please
  see the pragmas for establishing the pointer sizes around the structure
  declarations or code involved.
  Alternatively, for details on operating with sixty-four bit addressing
  and for the 64-bit itemlist structures, please see the OpenVMS
  Programming Concepts Manual chapter on the topic -- a section
  comparing 32- and 64-bit itemlists is included within the chapter.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUN-2003 )

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