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Windows Terminal Emulators, Networking?

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The Question is:

Hi,  we have a MicroVAX3900, a few Emulex P4000 terminal servers and a bunch of
 PC's all connected through a CISCO Catalyst 2950.
I am out of P4000 ports.
How can I, and what do I need to enable the PC's to act as VT terminals and
 connect to the VAX via the CISCO switch?

The Answer is :

  The PATHWORKS 32 client package offers the ability to connect to
  OpenVMS hosts directly via LAT, DECnet, and IP protocols -- this
  assumes you have a network connection, and not an asynchronous
  serial connection.
  If you require an asynchronous serial connection, you will want
  to configure IP with PPP or SLIP to connect into a communications
  server device -- basically, an IP router that allows a PPP or SLIP
  serial connection to be routed onto a LAN and from there to connect
  to an OpenVMS host with an installed IP stack.
  Third-party vendors offer terminal servers, as well -- the OpenVMS
  Wizard is not in a position to assist with Emulex P4000 terminal
  servers nor with Cisco Catalyst switches, nor with Microsoft Windows
  support issues, nor to recommend terminal servers or switches.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JUN-2003 )

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