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The Question is:

I am trying to start transport in LASTCP and when I specify:
LASTCP> start /transport/device=fca
the response is:
%LASTCP-E-NODEVFOUND, No Ethernet device found - use LAST$DEVICE
The same command on the other node in the cluster works.
They are VAX4000-90 systems using FDDI network adapters for cluster
Thank you in advance for prompt response,
Zeljko Djogo

The Answer is :

  You could define and use LAST$DEVICE, assuming the system has an
  Ethernet device configured.
  Please consider an OpenVMS VAX upgrade from this 1993-vintage
  OpenVMS VAX release.
  You could also create a BACKUP copy of ESS$LAST_STARTUP.DAT, and
  then edit the file to comment out the list of devices (if specified)
  and comment out the ALL_CONTROLLERS = ON (as is usually specified),
  and then to add the entry:
    DEVICE = (FCA)
  to the file.  Do not specify a colon on the device name.  Then
  restart with the command:
  This modification will restart LAST/LAD (only) on the FCA controller,
  and will disable all other controllers.
  You will want to confirm the content of other copies of this file on
  the other hosts, and you will also want to determine if the file should
  be located in SYS$COMMON: or SYS$SPECIFIC:, with the former location
  causing the file to be shared with other members of the cluster using
  the particular system disk.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JUN-2003 )

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