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Seeking Hardware Service Information?

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The Question is:

During power-on of a VAX 4300 system it fails during the systems test on number
 60.  We do have spare parts but I don't know what part to replace.   Where can
 we find the list of these numbers and which test they represent ?
The error on the console is :
(the display is a messed up but it fails on nummber 60 and comes with access
16:33:10  KA670-Performing normal system tests.
16:33:11  664..63..62..61..60..
16:33:14     d nCB olation
16:33:16  Parame Parameter = 201  = 2005SL       = 0C1F0004
16:33:17  r0  04F90009  r4 = 000     r8 = 00000009      AP = 20140744
16:33:18  r1 = 206  r5 = 00000004     r9 = 20140758      FP = 20140 20055726
16:33:19  BCCTL=0000000C  RM0000000  RMEAR=00000000 RIOECR=00004000   DSE00F  IP
16:33:20  01406D4: 2700 2006553D 0000002E 00000054
16:33:20  01406E4: 20140055680 20065542
16:33:21   2005466B 20053E03
16:33:21 20140FC0000 00

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware services organization for assistance
  with troubleshooting this and other hardware-level system errors.
  You will want to acquire the actual footprint of the error as it
  is displayed, as the text provided is sufficiently corrupted and
  difficult to decode with any certainty.  You will also want to
  acquire general information on the KA670 console firmware version
  and on the VAX 4000 model 300 system I/O and memory hardware
  For pointers to the Assisted Services program and the available
  hardware documentation -- should you wish to service your system
  hardware directly -- please see the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JUN-2003 )

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