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Debugging DCL?

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The Question is:

When running a command procedure that contains a line like:
    if f$search("path:*.*;*") .eqs. "" then goto x
If I run this from my account it seems to work fine however if another person
 runs it from their account it aborts with a "set-e-searchfail" error msg
 followed by a file not found.
Could this be a quota issue?

The Answer is :

  An error from within the DCL SET facility has little direct
  involvement with the f$search lexical function.
  As for reasons why the f$search might not return what you
  expect, check for other errors during the login or during
  the procedure invocation -- and determine if the PATH logical
  name referenced by f$search is defined in the target context.
  Please use SET VERIFY and related mechanisms to debug the
  activities of the DCL command procedure.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JUN-2003 )

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