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Portrait and Landscape, Postscript Printing?

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The Question is:

I am using the confidential.ps form that prints the text on the top and bottom
 of a landscape page centered.  It is set to a print queue that is set to
 landscape.  All reports except one print in landscape.  Is there any way to
 change that .ps file to che
ck for orientation or to override the application orientation and set it to
 landscape.  I cannot change the application code so I need a workaround.
 Thanks in advance for any help.

The Answer is :

  If this CONFIDENTIAL.PS uses the approach familiar to the OpenVMS
  Wizard, the particular Postscript file is simply pre-pended onto
  the Postscript data stream sent to the printer.  Probably using
  the device control library for the queue, and the appropriate job
  There is no particular way for a pre-pended Postscript module
  to check the printer page orientation, as the job is simply bits
  added into the printer data stream.
  You could patch the application code, of course.  For details
  on patching VAX code -- if legally permissible, of course --
  please see the tools referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ, and first
  look through the image to aim the patch at the text within the
  image that represents the queue name.  This assumes you cannot
  simply use logical names to redirect the queue operations around
  the application image invocation.
  Some printers apparently have a capability of directly adding text
  onto the output page, as well.
  You could use a separate queue for the portrait jobs, of course,
  with its own variant of CONFIDENTIAL.PS.  This may be easiest.
  For general printing information, please see topics (64), (1020)
  for general IP printing, (1319), (5190), particularly (5271),
  (6820), and (8775).

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JUN-2003 )

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