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DECterm options and control sequences?

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The Question is:

ON each DECTERm window under OPTIONS then DISPLAY, one can set to RECORD a
 number of LINES off the top e.g. 500. We often change this manually to 5000 to
 allow us to copy large amounts of data to the clipboard to paste into excel.
I want to know how to do this using escape sequences such as:
 <ESC>[3&5000<ESC>\.  Using this site I have already found out the escape
 sequences to set the decterm window title and the icon name e.g.
        dcl = '$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT
        call lib$spawn(dcl)
        dcl = '$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT
        call lib$spawn(dcl)
In fact there must be escape sequences for every decterm option feature, and
 knowing these would be useful; not just knowing what the escape sequence for
 record lines off top is.

The Answer is :

  Not all DECterm features can be set with control (escape) sequences.
  Many of the DECterm characteristics can be set directly in the file
  DECW$TERMINAL.DAT -- located somewhere in the search path defined by
  For example, to set the number of lines to save to 5000, add the line:
    DECW$TERMINAL.main.terminal.transcriptSize:     5000
  The easiest way to determine the token names to use is to manually
  configure the DECterm to your required settings then "Save Current
  Settings As".  The updated file can be placed in the default DECterm
  configuration file search path, or can be explicitly selected when
  the DECterm is started via CREATE/TERMINAL/RESOURCE_FILE or via the
  DwtDECtermPort (or the older DECW$CREATE_DECTERM) API resource file
  For details on the DECterm capabilities and control (escape) sequences,
  please see the DECwindows DECterm utility documentation.  This is part
  of the DECwindows documentation set, and many of the OpenVMS DECwindows
  manuals are available at the OpenVMS documentation website.  (Please
  see the OpenVMS FAQ for pointers to the OpenVMS documentation website.)

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUN-2003 )

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