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Connect OpenVMS to Internet? (DSL/ADSL)

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The Question is:

Hi, is there any software avaliable to allow an Alpha to connect via ASDL modem
 to the internet? Windows based systems use PPPoE Protocol.

The Answer is :

  DSL (ADSL) modems are widely available in appliance configurations
  that incorporate an IP router and particularly an IP firewall, and
  thus yes, OpenVMS can connect to these routing devices via an Ethernet
  or IEEE 802.3 LAN.
  The typical DSL and ADSL appliances provide PPP and/or SLIP or other
  network communications protocols, and typically also provide the
  necessary RAS or other authentication typically needed to establish
  the Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP connection.  The typical
  gateway applicance can also provide NAT, which can be required by
  your local ISP address assignment policies and procedures.
  You will want to and should use a good-quality firewall appliance
  on any Internet connection, and this step is in addition to securing
  all host systems located behind the firewall.
  Existing and related topics include (7522), (6448), (4566), (4563),
  (1158), and various other topics.  For direct connections to modems,
  please see (81) and other topics.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JUL-2003 )

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