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TCP/IP Retransmission?

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The Question is:

I need to change the minimal tcp retatsmission timers interval. How can it be
We have use  Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V4.1  on a
 AlphaServer 2100A 5/300 running OpenVMS V6.2-1H3

The Answer is :

  The TCP/IP Engineering team does not normally encourage altering
  the TCP retransmit settings.
  Your TCP/IP Services and OpenVMS Versions are very old, and both
  should be upgraded to more current releases.  (If you must stay at
  OpenVMS Alpha V6.2-1H3, you will want to move to TCP/IP Services
  V4.2 with the current ECO.)
  For details of retransmission handling, please see RFC 793.
  Please see topics (5632) -- retransmissions are not necessarily
  as simple as might be assumed -- and please also consider a fix
  to a known TFTP retransmission problem that was implemented circa
  V4.2 ECO5 (and later) and V5.0A ECO3 (and later).
  With current versions (V5.0 and later), please see the TCPIP utility
  And the sysconfig utility:
    $ @sys$manager:tcpip$define_commands.com
    $ sysconfig -q inet

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JUL-2003 )

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