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KZPCA? Seeking StoragerWorks Wizard?

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The Question is:

I am running 2X DS20E with KZPBA-CB as cluster interconnect. but KZPBA-CB
 connected to BA356-KH shelf and this shelf can only support 36G disk.
I need to put 72G disk, can I use 3X-KZPCA-AA is a SCSI interconnect for my
 cluster and use 4314 Compaq storage shelf to house 72G disk?
I check the Cluster document, only KZPAA, KZPCB are supported but did not
 mention 3X-KZPCA-AA.
question 1) Can 3X-KZPCA-AA support OpenVMS Cluster (V7.2-1) for two node with
 4314 shelf.
Question 2) if question 1 is yes, what is the SCSI length for 3X-KZPCA-AA to
 connect to 4314 shelf.

The Answer is :

  The hardware support for OpenVMS itself is listed in the OpenVMS
  Software Product Description (SPD), and -- if a controller is not
  listed in the SPD -- it is generally not considered to be supported
  by OpenVMS Engineering.
  The KZPCA is not supported for multihost operations with OpenVMS.
  Please contact a StorageWorks Wizard, as the majority of this question
  is not centrally one of OpenVMS but rather of StorageWorks support and
  StorageWorks configurations and particularly of StorageWorks
  hardware-level support.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2003 )

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