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Starting Security Auditing?

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The Question is:

When executing the command "show audit" the audit items are displayed following
 by the following message:
"%SHOW-W-NOAUDITING, security auditing disabled;  no events will be logged".
How do I enable the security auditing, and how do I verify that it is working.

The Answer is :

  Relatively early in the normal OpenVMS system startup, the audit
  server process is started.
  Later, a SET AUDIT/SERVER=INITIATE command is executed.
  This allows the audit server process to be initialized, and allows
  initialization of the object security support before starting the
  auditing activity.
  If, for instance, the OpenVMS system is booted with STARTUP_P1 set
  to MIN, then you can start the audit server with the commands:
  The recommended approach for starting the audit server manually is:
  There are ECO kits for OpenVMS V6.2 that will need to be applied here.
  Please start with all mandatory ECO kits -- please see the OpenVMS FAQ
  for a search engine that can locate ECO kits by the installation rating
  -- and also look specifically for and install available auditing ECOs.
  For related information, please see the object security information
  available within the SECURITY_POLICY system parameter documentation,
  and please ensure that the required data files are shared within
  a cluster -- please see the OpenVMS V7.2 or later version of the
  SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE for a list of the files that should be shared.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2003 )

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