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Seeking Regulatory Compliance? (HIPPA)

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The Question is:

The following is taken from a white paper on VMS and Hippa compliance.
 Question: Is there any other information that is more current in regards to
 OpenVMS and Hippa compliance ?
" It is important to note the HIPAA implementation plan is behind schedule from
 the original proposal. The security standards used for this paper have not
 been formally approved and are still subject to change. It is worth mentioning
 that the standards us
ed in this paper have been published since December 1999 and have not changed ".

The Answer is :

  Please contact the support center for consulting services and/or for
  standards-compliance assistance and information -- the OpenVMS Wizard
  targets technical discussions and is not in a position to directly
  assist with nor provide statements for US HIPPA compliance assurance,
  nor with other regulatory compliance discussions or issues for US or
  other jurisdictions.
  The OpenVMS Wizard expects that the services organization can offer
  you assistance in complying with HIPPA -- far more than OpenVMS itself
  is involved in such compliance, obviously.
  For information on configuring and operating OpenVMS Security as well
  as on related security information, please see the security manual.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2003 )

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