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Troubleshooting Hardware Self-Test Error?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to run OpenVMS on a DEC Alpha 3000/300axp. However, the system seems
 to be dead. The leds on the side are stuck at 0xff, which means that the SROM
 is blank or unprogrammable, according to the manual. Is there a solution to
 this? Will I be able
to get OpenVMS running on this system?

The Answer is :

  For assistance with this and with other hardware errors, please
  contact your hardware services organization.  For information on
  self-maintenance and for access to diagnostics and documentation,
  please see the Assisted Services information referenced in the
  OpenVMS FAQ.
  The hardware services manual for this platform describes this
  self-test failure as follows:
    The CPU clock, power, DC OK, reset, IRQ, ICMODE may be faulty;
    the SROM may be blank or unprogrammed.
  OpenVMS Alpha will not operate on the system in this condition.
  The action recommended by the service manual would involve replacing
  either the main logic board or the CPU module, or both.
  Given the great age, low value, and low performance of this DEC 3000
  series system and the incremental costs of a somewhat newer Alpha
  system, the OpenVMS Wizard would typically recommend replacing this
  system with a newer AlphaStation or AlphaServer series system -- and
  to sell this system for parts, or to maintain this system for spare
  parts for other local DEC 3000 series systems.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2003 )

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