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Seeking Part Numbers?

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The Question is:

I am try to locate the part number for the following products, can you help?
OpenVMS V7.2-1
Pathwork 7.3 on OpenVMS

The Answer is :

  For part numbers for products, please see the Software Product
  Description (SPD) information referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1 is no longer supported, and an upgrade to
  V7.2-2 or V7.3-1 is recommended.
  The OpenVMS SPD and other SPDs are referenced in the FAQ, and
  the OpenVMS SPD itself is specifically available at:
  Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMS:
    Media and Documentation CD ROM: QA-A93AA-H8
    Documentation Kit:              QA-A93AA-GZ
       1-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AB
      10-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AC
      25-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AD
      50-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AE
     100-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AF
     250-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AG
     500-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AH
    1000-user Client Access License: QM-5SUAA-AJ
  Please see http://h71000.www7.hp.com/pathworks/licorder.html

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUL-2003 )

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