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Recovering from system disk full?

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The Question is:

dear sir
I am operating a mass spctrometer VGQ connected to a Dec3000-M300 with open VMS
 version 1.5
yesterday when i restarted the computer I had the message  "Qmqn-I-FREEDISK,
 freeup 720 blocks on disk-opus$DKA300"
I used to delete files using viewfile windows I do not Know how to act.
please guid me how to solve this problem.
below is the detail messages I receive when I start the computer:
Dec 3000-M300
Digital Equipmenet Corporation
System conducting power up test
Devnam	Dev Stat
CPU	Ok KN16-AA-V2.4-S45B-IO92-SV2.0-DECchip21065  P3.0-150
MEM	Ok 48 MG
SCC	Ok pt(0)= present  keybd(2)=present
NI	Ok Ethernet adress: 08-00-213-36-E5-55, TENBT
System power up ok
Enter B to boot software from DKA300
Open VMS Axp  operating system, version V1.5
$! Copyright  1993 digital,,,,
%  STDRV-I-Startup, Vms startup began at 16-July
% NCP-F-SHOIO, error writing output file for show or list
-Rms-F-Ful, device full (insufficient space for allocation)
%%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM 16-July  %%%%%%%%%%%
operator status for operator-opus$opao:
central, printer, tapes, disks, devices, cards, network, cluster, security,
 license, oper1, oper2, oper3, oper4, oper5, oper6, oper7, oper8, oper9,
 oper10, oper11, oper12
%%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM 16-July  %%%%%%%%%%%%
failed logfile operation n file-opus$OPAO:
sys$sysroot: [sysmgr] operator.log;
the open Vms system is now excecuting the site-specific startup commands.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%   OPCOM 16-July  %%%%%%%%%%%
message from user queue-manage on opus
%QMAN-E-NODISKSPACE, disk space not available for queue manager to continue
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM 16-July  %%%%%%%%%%%%%
message from user queue-manager on opus
%QMAN-I-FREEDISK, free up 720 blocks on disk-opus$DKA300
Your prompt reply is highly appreciated
                          very truly yours
                          mahboubeh ghoryshi

The Answer is :

  As stated in (763) and other topics, perform a BACKUP/IMAGE of the
  system disk before continuing with your efforts here; get a good,
  complete, and reliable BACKUP of your system disk before proceeding.
  The mechanisms used to free disk storage in such a situation -- when
  the system disk has insufficient free space available -- parallels the
  sequence used to bootstrap with a forgotten system password, as is
  described in the OpenVMS FAQ.  But rather than issuing the commands
  used to reset the password, issue commands including PURGE or DELETE
  commands against the files that are no longer required.
  Also please see the Emergency System Startup documentation in the
  System Manager's Manual; see the OpenVMS documentation set.
  Your OpenVMS Alpha version is no longer a supported release, and an
  upgrade to V6.2, to V7.2-2, or to V7.3-1 is recommended.
  Related topics include (763), (5967), (7667), and (7776).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUL-2003 )

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