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Locking, Synchronization, and File Access?

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The Question is:

From node a1 we would like to see the files open on a disk on node a2.
If d2: is a disk on node a2 then as a user, logged on to a1 files cannot be
 seen using
"show dev d2:/file"
whereas this works on a1 on a disk that is in a1.
How is this possible as we need to check whether some files are open on a
 different node before we run a program on the other node?

The Answer is :

  See topic (159) for one potential solution: use DCL and DECnet
  to go over and look at the file access activity on the other
  If you have control of the application source code, you will
  want to consider several potential approaches toward enhancements
  here, ranging from the OpenVMS FAQ discussion of enabling the
  appropriate file access sharing on the target file(s) to the
  discussions here around enhancing the code to use an
  application-specific lock resource to coordinate distributed
  access to the application; to prevent or synchronize access to
  the target data.
  A related discussion is the distributed lock manager primer,
  in topic (7382).  Also see the programming-related discussions
  in topics (6984) and (1661).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-JUL-2003 )

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