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FileView Graphical Display, Zip Tools?

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The Question is:

There is a Windows based product called WS_FTP that understands OpenVMS and
 gives you an explorer-type look for ftp'ing files to and from your
 alphaserver.  Does HP have such a product for Windows?
Ditto for WinZip - does HP have a Windows based product that can compress files
 on an OpenVMS alphaserver?

The Answer is :

  X Windows has had the capability of displaying remotely for a decade
  or more, assuming the remote system has an X Windows server available,
  such as that of the PATHWORKS 32 eXcursion environment.  You can thus
  use the OpenVMS FileView and other DECwindows tools to display remotely.
  FileView is part of DECwindows, and presents an interface similar to
  that which you seek, and FileView operations can be extensively
  customized within the OpenVMS environment.
  Once the X Windows server is running, see the SET DISPLAY command on
  OpenVMS -- you can then create and display DECterm terminals, DECwindows
  applications such as FileView, and other X Windows client applications
  on the X Windows server (on the Microsoft Windows platform, in this case).
  OpenVMS has zip and unzip tool (as described in the FAQ and available
  on the OpenVMS Freeware) and particularly versions that are compatible
  with typical zip and unzip tools found on other platforms.
  Trying to use another platform is bound to be somewhat problematic.
  If you seek available packages and Freeware, the OpenVMS Wizard would
  encourage reviewing the pointers available in the OpenVMS FAQ as well
  as searches using various search engines.  (The OpenVMS Wizard does
  not particularly track the Microsoft Windows platform nor its tools.)

answer written or last revised on ( 22-JUL-2003 )

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