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Current LP Software Version? (COBOL, etc)

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The Question is:

Has Cobol 2.8 been Certified? I Know it has been released at end of 2002. Is it
 still under field test or is this the final release? (March 2003)
(Some of the WEB sites still says it is under field test!)(22-07-03)
Please help!
I need to insure one of my Customers this is the latest and greatest!!
VMS Greetings
Deon Laubscher
South Africa

The Answer is :

    COBOL V2.8 completed field test in 2002 and was released with the
    Q4CY2002 consolidated CD-ROMs in December 2002.
    Please see the Software Rollout Report (search for swroll or
    related targets; the report is referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ), and
    please also see the information on the required ECOs for OpenVMS
    and for the layered products and language RTLs via the available
    ECO search engine (also referenced in the FAQ).  The Software
    Rollout Report shows the minimum supported Layered Product
    versions for particular OpenVMS versions, and the ECO search
    engine shows the required and the recommended ECO kits.
    Related topics include (5059) and (7507).

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUL-2003 )

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