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TCP/IP Bind Forwarders Configuration?

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The Question is:

TcpIp 5.3ECO2...
 I have configured the TCPIP$BIND.CONF file to use forward first.
options {
        directory "SYS$SPECIFIC:[TCPIP$BIND]";
        forwarders {
        forward first;
Given the above;
It is my understanding that the Bind server will look at the forwarders before
 attempting any local resolution (1). If true, does this also imply that Bind
 will look at the forwards first even for a zone that lives local to the server?
In my examination the local server does not seem to hit the forwarder first
(1) Sec. Forwarding  BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual
Internet Software Consortium

The Answer is :

  There are books on BIND that discuss BIND forwarder configuration in
  detail of course, and the TCP/IP Services management documentation is
  also available.  In this particular case, the TCP/IP Services management
  manual discussion on setting up forwarders states "Forwarding occurs
  on only those queries for which the server is not authoritative and
  does not have the answer in its cache."

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUL-2003 )

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