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Console Terminal Management Options?

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The Question is:

I have 3 4100 and I would like to share 1 console VT520 using 3 sessions on a
 single VT520 to conserve space. I have done this before but can not remember
 the steps. I think it is just a matter of toggling between sessions
and cabling 1 serial and the other 2 as is.
Are there any major pitfalls to this aside from operators getting confused?
Also, can you do this with VAX/Alpha both sharing the console??

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard has used the dual-session capabilities of the DIGITAL
  VT420 series terminal similarly, but the particular series DIGITAL VT420
  was limited to two communications ports; to two host sessions.
  An external switchbox would certainly be inexpensive and would likely be
  easier to explain, but realize that any such approach tends to either
  stall output from the console -- which can eventually stall a critical
  task within OpenVMS -- or can entirely drop critical console output when
  disconnected.  Neither of these two approaches is entirely desirable,
  of course.
  If preservation of output is critical, a console package is the common
  Some sites have attached DECserver or other terminal servers to the
  console ports, and connect to the ports via LAT or IP terminal sessions.
  (Beware the security implications of allowing network access to console
  ports, of course.)  For information on the DECserver terminal servers,
  please contact Digital Network Products Group, the vendor of the
  DECserver series terminal servers.  Other terminal server vendors
  have products available, as well.
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ discussions including "Console Management
  Options" and "Console Commands, Serial Lines, and Controls?" for some
  of the related details and for some of the console packages.
  Also in particular, please see the discussion around unexpected BREAK
  signals, as these can have untoward and detrimental affects on the
  continued operation of the operating system when these signals arrive
  via a console serial line.  The system will halt on BREAK, of course.
  For assistance specifically with the VT520 device and for documentation
  materials for the device, please contact the device's vendor, Boundless

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUL-2003 )

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