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DECnet-Plus MOP Event Dispatcher?

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The Question is:

After migrating to DECNet-plus, we no longer see OPCOM messages when DECSERVERs
 request/load via MOP. I see nothing in net$mop_output.log either when a load
 is requested or successful. I can see that the MOP load counter is incremented
 by one, but that's
it. Is there a way to get this info to show up? The docs state that loads are
 logged, but I don't see 'em...

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would typically move to the use of LANCP for MOP
  download operations, and would typically migrate off DECnet Phase IV
  and would not utilize DECnet-Plus for the purpose of MOP downloads.
  LANCP is part of OpenVMS V6.2 and later, and does not depend on the
  particular DECnet phase installed -- if any.
  If you wish to pursue the use of DECnet-Plus, you will want to more
  fully acquaint yourself with NCL command syntax and with the event
  filtering.  This includes a review of the available DECnet-Plus
  documentation, and the DECnet-Plus management tools including NCL,
  Also available is the chapter in the DECnet-Plus management manual
  on managing and customizing the event dispatcher, which will likely
  be of central interest here.
  You will also want to ensure the DECnet-Plus Event Dispatcher is
  enabled and running -- check to see if the NET$IGNORE_EVD logical
  name is defined, for instance.  (If so, this will disable the event
  dispatcher, and will cause the reported symptoms.)  Assuming the file
  NET$EVENT_STARTUP.NCL exists and the NET$IGNORE_EVD logical name is
  not defined, NET$CONFIGURE.COM will (by default) automatically start
  the event dispatcher as part of the DECnet-Plus startup.
  For related details on DECnet-Plus event filtering and NCL, please see
  the following files:
  You will also want to apply current ECOs for DECnet, as at least one
  DECnet-Plus release had a bug in this area; the fix for this problem
  was incorporated in DECnet-Plus V6.3 ECO6.
  Arguably the easiest way to see the installed DECnet-Plus version uses
  the older DECnet Phase IV syntax and the older NCP utility:
  This same syntax also works on DECnet Phase IV, obviously.  (The
  OpenVMS Wizard does not expect this to be the problem here, but
  mentions it for completeness -- and obviously to encourage you to
  apply the current ECO kit(s) for both DECnet-Plus and OpenVMS.)
  For MOP-related discussions here in Ask The Wizard, please see topics
  including (3041), and please see other topics including (3086), (22),
  (40), (80), (166), (1051), (1571), (2852), (5939), (6707), and others.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JUL-2003 )

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