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Seeking $GETSYI CPU and Model Information?

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The Question is:

Is there a translation list of the following "f$getsyi" arguments?
Thank you,
Gary Lefebvre

The Answer is :

  No such (complete) list is available.
  The include files $ALPHADEF and $VAXDEF will be of interest for the
  listing of hardware model codes, as will the available OpenVMS
  documentation for general information on the four itemcodes.
  Dependence on thee hardware model and similar returned values is not
  something the OpenVMS Wizard typically recommends -- these values are
  most useful to identify specific platforms for those cases where an
  application must specifically handle differences within a particular
  platform or within a platform family, and for informational (display)
  purposes.  Applications that attempt to process or to display additional
  platform-specific information tend to be maintenance problems -- as new
  platforms are released, these values tend to change.  (This is the root
  of the problem discussed here, as the OpenVMS releases do not regularly
  recieve updates as platforms are released, and as existing listings
  within shipped OpenVMS releases are seldom updated when new platforms
  are released after the software itself is available.)
  With unfortunately no additional details and no background available
  -- this with a one-line question -- the OpenVMS Wizard is unable to
  provide you with alternatives or suggestions specifically targeted to
  the actual problem.   Accordingly, please contact the support center.
  Related discussions include (8566), (598), (6171), (6521), (7287),
  (8577), (8960) and likely other topics.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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