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Third-party Software? (IDX Caché)

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The Question is:

We currently have numerous applications from the vendor IDX using Cache from
 Intersystems.  We are attempting to automate the Job Processing of the
 application using DCL but cannot find escape sequences that DCL will accept
 primarily the F10 key.  This ke
y is the execution key for the critical application interfaces that exist win
 the IDX System.
Several sites have been reviewed but the sequences do not work within DCL, just
 null characters.  Can you help!

The Answer is :

  For assistance with third-party products such as IDX (formerly
  InterSystems) Caché, please contact the vendor directly.  The
  third-party vendor is in a far better position to support and
  to discuss the third-party vendor's product(s).
  By default, F10 generates the following four characters:
    CSI 2 1 tilde
  In seven-bit mode, F10 generates five characters:
    ESC [ 2 1 tilde
  By default, the OpenVMS terminal driver will receive and map this
  sequence into an EOF; into the equivalent of a CTRL/Z input.
  A third-party application can choose most any mapping, and need
  not use either of these two sequences.
  As a general rule, if you believe you have to generate a keypress
  from within an application, you are either using an inappropriate
  means for your task (attempts at communicating directly with a
  screen-oriented application being the most common example), or
  you need to look carefully at using the OpenVMS psuedo-terminal

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUL-2003 )

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