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SCSI hardware reconfiguration? (DAT/DDS)

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The Question is:

i have an alpha800 server
i want to mount a COMPAQ 20/40G DAT on SCSI PORT.
how to manage that ?
PS : i enable reply on my term but nothing happens when i turn on the DAT.

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware service organization for assistance,
  as it appears you are unfamiliar with SCSI device configuration
  and testing.
  Typically you will want to follow the directions in the device
  manual for cabling and connecting the device, and for correctly
  establishing a unique SCSI unit number and proper SCSI termination.
  (There are some general details on this topic in the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  With OpenVMS Alpha, you will need to manually trigger a the device
  autoconfiguration process (see SYSMAN IO AUTOCONFIGURE/LOG), or you
  will want to use the supported approach for configuring a device:
  reboot.  Specific OpenVMS SCSI bus configurations do have support
  for hot-plugging devices, but the AlphaServer 800 series is not
  among these systems.  Failure to properly quiesce a SCSI bus or
  hot-plugging a SCSI device can lead to data corruptions resulting
  from the disconnection-reconnection of the chain or from the usual
  signal transients.
  For general information on SCSI, see the SCSI specifications and a
  few topics here including (8825), (4050) and (4097).  And please
  contact your hardware support organization for assistance with this
  and other related SCSI hardware support and configuration questions.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUL-2003 )

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