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Seeking RMS Sample C Code?

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The Question is:

We have an indexed variable file, I would like to write a C program to read the
 records sequentially from the file, could you point me to some sample code

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard simply cannot provide examples of calling arbitrary
  system services in arbitary languages.  The OpenVMS Wizard will mention
  that there are great similarities across system services, and examples
  of calls to common system services such as $getsyi or $getjpi or $get
  can easily be used as models for calls to other system services; that
  you can often use unrelated examples, particularly once you have an
  understanding of the OpenVMS APIs and the OpenVMS calling standard.
  The calling standard is documented in the OpenVMS documentation set,
  of course.
  As for the question at hand, please see the information on the support
  resources and on sources for example code listed in the OpenVMS Frequently
  Asked Questions (FAQ), and the C User's Guide manual contains examples of
  RMS calls (in the chapter entitled "Using OpenVMS Record Management
  Services").  Also of central interest here will be the RMS reference
  manual within the OpenVMS documentation set, and that manual also
  includes a chapter entitled "Implementing RMS from C Programs".
  Ask The Wizard Topics here include (367), (1334), (1534), (2821),
  (2608), (2867), (3261), (6356), (6884), (6916), (7008), and very
  likely other topics -- in addition to the resources and manuals
  cited above, that is.  You will also particularly want to review
  topic (1550), as it is also possible to use C RTL calls to access
  RMS indexed files -- this is described in the C manuals.  Also see
  topic (1661) for general programming information, as well as also
  reviewing the C programming information within the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUL-2003 )

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