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DLT Media Compatibility?

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The Question is:

What specific DLT IV tape do I need to purchase that is compatible with my
 table top TZ89N 35/70GB S.E. DLT taple drive?  I recently purchased FUJIFILM
 tapes with ATOMM coating and which list compatibility with DLT7000 - 35/70GB
 capacity, but they do not
seem to be compatible.

The Answer is :

  For information on third-party product support and considerations,
  please see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Please also see the HP natural language support database articles
    How To Make Tx86 Tapes That Can Be Read On A Tx85
    TZ30/TK50/TK70 and Tx85/Tx86/Tx87/Tx88/Tx89 Read/Write Compatibility
  And please acquire a DLT IV cartridge.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not immediately familiar with various of the
  third-party products cited, and not in a position to provide any
  statement of compatibility nor support.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-AUG-2003 )

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