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Monitoring CPU Hardware?

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The Question is:

How to monitor the status of the CPU hardware?

The Answer is :

  Hardware errors, application and system performance, thermal and
  airflow thresholds and values, voltage, or some other characteristics?
  For information on monitoring performance, please see the OpenVMS
  MONITOR utility (and the T4 package available at the OpeNVMS Website),
  and the Availability Manager tool.  (Other performance monitoring
  tools are available for OpenVMS, please see the software catalog
  referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  For information on hardware errors, please see the SHOW ERROR
  command and packages such as DECevent or the System Event Analyzer
  (SEA; formerly known as Compaq Analyze) provided by your hardware
  support organization.  Basic error translation functions can be
  available, as can advanced predictive and fault analysis cabilities.
  For other topics, you will have to provide additional details
  or some background -- one- or two-line questions are exceedingly
  difficult to answer, and often highly ambiguous.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-AUG-2003 )

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