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OpenVMS Versions, Platform Support?

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The Question is:

What is the latest release of OpenVMS-AXP?  I am running v6.2 on an Alpha 2000
 4/275 (single CPU with 192MB RAM)  Are there any issues with an upgrade to the
 latest version of VMS for this platform?  Also running UCX v4.1... will that
 upgrade along with t
he OS, or is that a separate install?  What about Fortran v7.1?  Please
 advise... thanks!

The Answer is :

  For information on current versions, please see the Software
  Rollout Report website referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.  Search
  the text-format FAQ for SWROLL or other similar string.
  Your AlphaServer 2000 is supported by the current release of
  OpenVMS Alpha, assuming sufficient available disk and memory.
  As of this writing, the current OpenVMS Alpha release is
  V7.3-1, with V7.3-2 presently in testing and the current
  TCP/IP Services release is V5.3.  You will have to upgrade
  your TCP/IP Services version.
  For information on minimum versions of Fortran and other
  layered products, please see the rollout report.  You
  will want to upgrade your Fortran version.
  Before upgrading, please review the New Features and the
  Release Notes documentation for the various releases
  involved -- the OpenVMS Wizard generally recommends
  reading not only the releases that you upgrade onto, but
  the intermediate releases.  For those OpenVMS releases
  you upgrade onto on your way to the current release, please
  read the OpenVMS upgrade and installation documentation.
  Common OpenVMS upgrade paths are referenced in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-AUG-2003 )

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