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FTP_NETERR Network Device Timeout Error?

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The Question is:

The following error occurred  when a nightly DCL batch file was executed on
 our Alpha last night. We are using
FTP to transfer files from our Alpha to a Compac Proliant ML310
(running WINDOWS 2000 Server) using the FTP PUT command.
The Alpha Server spec is :
Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.1
on a AlphaServer 1200 5/400 4MB running OpenVMS V7.3
Error message:
%TCPIP-E-FTP_NETERR, I/O error on network device
-SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT, device timeout
DCL command lines that failed:
put jobslink.csv
put enginday.csv
How can I best investigate the cause of this failure ?
I have resubmitted the batch job today and everything was transferred from the
 Alpha to the Proliant machine ok.

The Answer is :

  COPY/FTP would be prefered over this FTP syntax and the OpenVMS
  Wizard does hope that is not a real password.  (Or if it is,
  that you have changed it.)  (COPY/FTP permits direct DCL
  symbol substitution, and DCL error processing, among other
  There is comparatively little that can be done to look back at
  NIC or network errors such as this one unless there is already
  network monitoring equipment in place.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-AUG-2003 )

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