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Printing and Data Set Hang-up (HANGUP)?

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The Question is:

I get the following error and I know it is something simple:
%PSM_E_WRITEERR, error writhing !AS
-SYSTEM-F-HANGUP, data set hang-up.
I am trying to print to a queue that I just created and I am sure it is either
 the term settings aren't right or the port on a terminal device are set right.
  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Nancy Gray

The Answer is :

  Please see topics such as (1607), (7713), and (1020), depending on
  the particular printing mechanisms and network transport used -- the
  hangup error can also arise when the serial line is not wired or not
  configured correctly -- please see discussions of modems and modem
  control, as well.
  If you cannot resolve this from existing discussions -- and resolution
  may/will be difficult based solely on the information provided in the
  question and provided in the answer here -- please gather your current
  version and ECO information, your queue configuration, your terminal
  server configuration, wiring-related details, and contact the support
  center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-AUG-2003 )

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