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COBOL Calling System Services? ($sndjbcw)

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The Question is:

I have a request to use the system service sys$sndjbc to submit files into
 spawned processes within COBOL programs.  The current "standard" is to CALL
 "LIB$SPAWN" USING BY DISCRIPTOR PAN_TEST.  The "new" command would be CALL
 "SYS$SNDJBC" USING ? and ther
e's the problem.
How do I use the SNDJBC command to accomplish what the LIB$SPAWN does.
The primary issue at stake is to increase the performance of the various alpha
 boxes that use this code.

The Answer is :

  Please visit the AskQ website referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ, and search
  for "COBOL Using $SNDJBCW" or similar.  You should be able to locate
  existing support database articles including:
    Example-COBOL Using $SNDJBCW To Enter A File In A Print Queue
    Example-COBOL Using $SNDJBCW To Start And Stop A Batch Queue
    Example-COBOL Using $SNDJBCW To Submit A Batch Job With Parameters
    Example-COBOL Using SYS$SNDJBCW To Alter A Print Queue
    Example-COBOL Putting >1 Wildcard Files Into Single Print Job

answer written or last revised on ( 18-AUG-2003 )

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