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The Question is:

I want to change a process name by my C-code. I'll not use the DCL command "SET
 PROCESS /NAME ... ". Is there a library call ?

The Answer is :

  Please review the OpenVMS Programming Concepts manual, and the
  available system service reference manual and the RTL manuals.
  In this case, please see the sys$setprn system service documentation,
  and -- depending on exactly how the application process involved here
  is created -- the sys$creprc system service or the lib$spawn run-time
  library documentation.
  For information on coding in C on OpenVMS (including code examples,
  use of string descriptors, and related materials), please see the
  OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), the OpenVMS C documentation,
  the OpenVMS Programming Concepts manual, and other available resources.
  For common coding bugs, please see Ask The Wizard (ATW) topic (1661)
  and the other ATW topics referenced there.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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