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Finding Patch (ECO) Kits?

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The Question is:

Please Is There someone patch necessary to install Motif on DS20 ?
The graphical card ( Permedia 3D Labs) doesn't working...
Alfredo Leon

The Answer is :

  Please forever expunge the meaningless phrase "does not work" from
  your vocabulary -- when used in isolation, this phrase commonly has
  no certain and no specific answer, as often anything from "is the
  power on?" or "is it plugged in?" to "did it catch fire?" can all
  be potential answers.   Again, please always provide supporting
  information, error messages, and related details that can allow the
  OpenVMS Wizard to determine the reason why it "does not work", and
  do not ever solely use this "does not work" phrase when asking a
  There are sections of details on searching for and finding the most
  appropriate of the various patch kits available for OpenVMS and for
  DECwindows -- and on troubleshooting DECwindows -- present in the
  OpenVMS FAQ.  (You will want the GRAPHICS ECO as a start, and you
  will want to use the patch search engine referenced in the FAQ to
  find all mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS V7.3-1 -- and to then
  install the GRAPHICS ECO kit and all mandatory ECO kits, of course.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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