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Seeking Introduction to FTP and IP?

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The Question is:

We need to connect to an FTP site outside of our domain to transfer data files
 back and forth. What has to be in place before this can work?

The Answer is :

  Power.  Network(s).  Router(s).  Name services.  Communications.
  Firewall(s).  Security.  Address(es).  Etc.
  On OpenVMS itself, you will need to have an IP stack loaded, configured,
  and running, and specifically the baseline routing and an FTP client.
  You may need the FTP server and other host components, particularly if
  you wish remote systems to store and/or to retrieve files that are or
  will be resident on the OpenVMS host (the host running the FTP server).
  If you wish an IP network consultancy -- which is where this discussion
  certainly appears to be headed -- please contact HP Services for further
  assistance.  This question is exceedingly open-ended, and accordingly
  exceedingly difficult to answer with any particularly specific details.
  If you are unfamiliar with the particular IP package in use, the OpenVMS
  Wizard strongly encourages a review of the product installation and
  configuration documentation.  (For the OpenVMS TCP/IP Services package,
  please see the OpenVMS documentation website.  For a third-party IP
  stack, please see the associated documentation.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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