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SYSUAF Process Quotas and PQL Parameters?

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The Question is:

What is the difference between the DIOLM setting in the SYSUAF and the sysgen
 parameter PQL_MDIOLM?  If the PQL_MDIOLM is for "detached" processes, why is
 there such a discrepency between the recommendations for these two settings?

The Answer is :

  The Direct I/O Limit process quota establishes the maximum permissible
  number of outstanding direct I/O (non-buffered I/O) operations permitted
  the particular user, with the lowest permissible value being established
  by the PQL_MDIOLM parameter.  (Any DIOLM process quota value and any
  explicit DIOLM quota specification on a $creprc call found lower than
  PQL_MDIOLM will be automatically increased to the PQL_MDIOLM value.)
  For processes created with $creprc that lack an explicit specification
  of the quota value -- processes that are started by invoking LOGINOUT
  can and will load the quota value from SYSUAF -- is determined by the
  system parameter PQL_DDIOLM.  (Selection of RUN/DETACH/AUTHORIZE has
  other SYSUAF-related implications for the created process, see topic
  (3681) for details, and see the OpenVMS FAQ and documentation for some
  discussions of the optional invocation of the LOGINOUT image within
  the process startup.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard encourages the complete list of quotas be specified
  on a $creprc call, as the system parameter values can change over time
  and can differ across systems -- either of these can lead to potential
  application instabilities across systems, particularly when the system
  parameter values are insufficient for application requirements.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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