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Third-party Printer? (Konica)

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The Question is:

I use DCPS V2.0 and setup a print queue for a Konica 7130 in raw TCP mode on
 port 9100.
The print job remaind always in "starting" state.
Is this Printer supported by DCPS V2.0 ?
How can i setup the Print - Queue for this Printer?

The Answer is :

  Please see the Compaq DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS Software
  Product Description (SPD) for the list of supported printer devices.
  SPDs are available via the URL listed in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked
  Questions (FAQ), and contain the support details for the product
  associated with the particular SPD.
  Based on the DCPS V2.2 SPD, this particular printer is not supported.
  As a test, define the logical name DCPS$queuename_NO_SYNC and/or set
  the printer's language setting to PostScript (vs. automatic or PCL)
  (and then restart the queue), as described in the DCPS documentation.
  (The definition of this logical name may or may not cause the printer
  and DCPS to become somewhat more cooperative.)
  Also please see the discussion of third-party peripherals in the
  OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and please see the
  discussion of printing and printing topics included here in topic
  (1020).  Some unsupported devices can work transparently, and some
  will require non-trivial efforts to achieve operational status --
  if the device can be made to work at all, obviously.
  Please ensure the IP stack involved is current, with current ECOs.
  Also please ensure your OpenVMS release has the current mandatory
  ECOs installed.  Again, the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  has pointers to the ECO tools and related materials.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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